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Over the years I've struggled to find the perfect creative outlet. I've tried drawing, painting, sculpture, and stained glass, just to name a few. Finally and simply by chance, in 2006 I discovered kiln-forming glass. 

Since then I have been exploring the possibilities glass offers, which seem limited only by my imagination. I love to tackle new ideas and try new techniques. I continue to take classes and draw upon the expertise of others willing to share their knowledge. I love how a solid, flat piece of glass can be, merely by adding heat, transformed into a thing of beauty, either by intent or chance. I love the predictable unpredictability of warm glass. I can have an idea in mind and create specifically for the desired effect, but there are sometimes things that happen in the kiln which simply cannot be controlled. I can cut pieces of glass and arrange them with a specific design in mind, or I can put lots of random pieces together and let fate decide the outcome. There may be clean, precise lines and edges or the glass can swirl and wave into whatever pattern it will, in organized chaos.

Each piece of glass is carefully thought out, designed, hand cut, assembled, fused, then slumped or draped (bent into or over a mold). Most pieces, whether large or small, have upwards of 80 hours invested in their creation. The fusing process takes approximately 20 hours and reaches a peak temperature of 1600̊ F, depending on the process. The slumping or draping process also takes on average 14 to 20 hours, sometimes much longer. Oftentimes there are multiple tests of different colors of glass in the kiln to see how they look after firing before the final decision is made. And there are more failures than successes in the kiln. Each piece of glass is completely original as it is nearly impossible to recreate the same piece twice, no matter how hard I try! 

All my glass art is made to order. On occasion I will have a piece available for sale, but the pieces on this site are representations to simply to give you an idea of what can be made for you.

Let's work together on your idea!         Contact me at:

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